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Follow federal legislative and regulatory activity as it happens. Monitor changes to bills and regulations critical to your business or agency. Access the deepest resources of federal legislative data. POTOMAC subscribers receive immediate alerts to the impact of pending federal legislation and regulations.


All laws and regs dissected

Find every new federal bill, resolution or regulation and learn how it will impact you, your business or your agency.

  • All House and Senate proposals, as filed and amended
  • All new rules, notices and regulations, as proposed and finalized
  • Learn the IMPACT, in detail, on every current law and regulation


Monitor what matters

Know every proposed or enacted change to the laws and regulations that matter most to you, your business or your agency.

  • Monitor by federal law or regulation, agency or CFR section
  • Alerts customized so you'll receive only the information you need
  • As-it-happens email ALERTS or on your schedule


Federal data source access

Continually updated, the most complete online collection of federal laws, bills, resolutions and regulatory materials. Easy to search, easy to use.

  • Statutes at Large from 1789 to now, plus the complete U.S. Code
  • All House and Senate bills and resolutions
  • Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations


Bills in 112th Congress                                       

Bills in 112th Congress

Bills & Resolutions in 113th Congress

Bills & Resolutions in 112th Congress

Laws Passed in Recent Congresses

Laws Passed in Recent Congresses

Document Types in 2013 Federal Register

Register documents in current year